Natural heritage at risk: Arnica montana is an important medicinal plant in the European natural and cultural heritage, but the destruction of its habitat and its uncontrolled collection are currently putting the species at risk.


Arnica montana is the flagship species of Arnigal cultivos. We protect the integrity and biodiversity of the natural populations of arnica in Galicia by developing selected crops of Galician arnica that allow its sustainable use without putting the species at risk.



We protect the species, control the origin and quality of our raw material, and reduce our environmental impact by carrying out all our activity in Galicia. That is our 360° strategy!


Cultivation: Arnica montana atlantica

Differences between the Galician arnica and the arnica present in the rest of Europe have recently been described. The atlantica subspecies present in Galicia has a specific chemical composition with advantageous properties derived from the increased concentration of certain active substances.

Arnigal cultivos is the first company to achieve biotechnological cultivation and transformation of the subspecies Arnica montana atlantica, autochthonous to Galicia.

Our production cycle begins with the careful selection of plants of the atlantica subspecies , chosen from our own seed bank, which is submitted to continuous characterization and improvement.

The application of our own and exclusive cultivation techniques and the proper management of our plantation allow us to control the production of bioactive compounds in plants, giving rise to a high-quality, safe, differentiated raw material with high biological activity.



The sustainable extraction technologies of Arnigal Cultivos take place in our laboratory in the Emprendia Building of the University of Santiago de Compostela, a process that combines low energy consumption with the use of natural solvents with ecological certification.

Besides, we have optimized the extraction processes to concentrate and preserve the active principles present in the plants, both fresh and dry.

To guarantee the quality of our products, we characterize the composition and functionality of our extracts:

Quantifying the bioactive principles present:
Sesquiterpene lactones.
Phenolic compounds.

Testing the functionality and beneficial effects:
Antioxidant capacity.
Antimicrobial function.
Anti-inflammatory effect.

The certified composition and proven functionality ensure that our chemotyped extracts retain all the properties of the plant for therapeutic use.


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